Steven Alexander Journal - February 9, 2014

Daniel Levine is presenting an exhibition of recent paintings at Churner & Churner in Chelsea through February 22, 2014. The nineteen "white" paintings in this beautiful show operate at the epicenter of painting, inviting the viewer's attention toward the fundamental elements - color, material, support. Within this focused zone, one is immediately drawn, not to the sameness of the works, but to a deep examination of the differences from one painting to the next. Varying in size from 9 inches to 66 inches, and in color from cool gray to pale yellow, the monochromes all have a thin border of raw cotton accentuating the specific colors, densities and viscosities of the painted surfaces. Some surfaces are thin and delicate, others more juicy and worked, but each individual painting has its own distinct identity and presence. The installation orchestrates our experience to full effect, revealing the sensuality, the elegance, and the courage of Levine's endeavor.